Who is Reference solutions?

Reference Solutions is the leading provider in business and consumer research! Reference Solutions helps users create marketing plans, conduct competitive analysis, raise funds , locate people or witnesses and more! Our database selections and real-time access to more than 44 million businesses, 271 million consumers, new businesses, new homeowners and new movers make research easy and fast! Reference Solutions’ quality information helps researchers, students and job-seekers answer a wide variety of questions, and saves them valuable time and money.

Who uses our services?

Career Counselors

Help clients land a position with the company of their dreams. Search for businesses by location, type of business, HR contact and more. Use the family tree to find companies that are part of larger corporations. Help movers find new jobs with companies similar to where they currently work.

Chambers of Commerce

Find new or established businesses in the city or area that aren't current members. Update information on current members. Find the types of business you want to attract to your area.

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Alumni offices can locate alumnus and update their addresses. Admissions offices can find businesses to donate items for welcome packets and develop lists for community outreach programs. Offices of development can find businesses that might donate to the school. Search for businesses to bring to career fairs. Find alums that run home-based businesses.

Continuing Education Providers

Use to research geographic areas and selection criteria before purchasing large lists. For example, they will find out how businesses with selected SIC codes are in an area prior to sending requests for OSHA training to contractors.

Economic Development

Conduct market research when trying to win a new plan in competition with other cities or to lure an existing business from another city. Use to compare population in comparison to number of similar businesses.

Financial Consultants

Search by Yellow Page heading, median household income, home value and public filings to find businesses and residents that match their client base. In the HealthCare database, they can find doctors who have been out of school for 7 years. These young professionals often are done paying off their student loans and are ready to begin making investments.

Government Agencies

Communicate instructions and information to citizens in the event of a natural disaster or emergency Run a search to find out how many people and/or businesses were affected.

Job Seekers

Look for companies that match your degree or interest. Find businesses close to you. Conduct research about industries and companies. Find executives, corporate families and company descriptions. Follow the link to a company’s website for deeper details. Use research to send personalized inquires and avoid filling inboxes with automated resumes.

Law Firms

Before taking a case, check the legitimacy of a business or person who wants to retain their services. Use public filings and UCC filings to find out if a business is being sued and find other parties to join the lawsuit. Check a corporation’s family tree to find the headquarters and branch locations, and to halt business with all associated companies. The HealthCare database can help locate experts in certain types of injuries.


Use to answer a wide variety of questions and help students with research papers. For example, a patron may want to file a letter of complaint and needs to find a corporation’s headquarters and CEO’s name. Other common uses are finding toll-free numbers, websites and fax numbers.


Find schools, childcare, churches, doctors and other services. Use to find the type of neighborhood they want to move into. Locate households the area they wish to live in, and check home value and median income to see how they will compare to their new neighbors.

Sales People/Travelers

Use to find maps and driving directions. Plug available latitude/longitude coordinates into mobile devices. Search around a client’s office, museum or hotel to find restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment.

Small-Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

Conduct powerful market research. Select a location and do a radius to look up the number of similar businesses in the area. Check the strength of the competition with years in business and credit rating. Look for businesses to buy out or establish a support network with fellow business owners.


Find articles for research on businesses. Perform complicated searches to assist in research for papers and class projects. Use data summaries to profile an entire neighborhood, city or state by type of business, size of business or household median income.


Use the Data Summary to run a matrix and find certain characteristics of a neighborhood. Poll all businesses and /or residents on a street to ask how a change in service would affect them.

What sets us apart?

Reference Solutions, a service of Data Axle, is an Internet-based reference service founded in 1992. The site was designed for use as a reference and research tool for students, job seekers and researchers. Reference Solutions offers a wide range of database products, available in print, CD-ROM or via the Internet. These products include State Business-to-Business Marketing Directories, The American Big Businesses Directory and CD-ROM, The American Manufacturers Directory and CD-ROM, The American Business Disc, and Powerfinder. Reference Solutions products are built by our user suggestions to make researching a snap.

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About Data Axle

Data Axle delivers a flexible suite of data-driven solutions that add insight to every stage of the sales and marketing process. Whether you’re developing or introducing new products, entering new markets, expanding your offerings, or mastering new marketing channels, you can rely on Data Axle to help you achieve results. We give you the information, insights and advice to help you target, acquire, manage and retain customers.